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Videogames development

Bring your game to life

Bring your vision to life with us, industry leaders, and grow a successful business with great solutions that work with any gaming idea. Business owners are propelling their companies into the future, through the power of interactive and modern solutions.

Immersive simulations

Explore new worlds and scenes

We have gone from praising 3D technology to needing more and more real experiences. Although teleportation is not yet possible, we can say that virtual reality is a giant step towards that goal. We can complete the experience with gloves, controls, sound systems and even technological clothing with sensors that increase the effect of reality.

Advantages of working with us

Personalized style

Feel free to tell us any idea you have.

Full control

You can control everything that happens in your simulation.

Complete statistics

You will have all your statistical reports to evaluate your project.

Fun & competitive

Make the difference between you and your competitors.

Presence all over the world

Get a classy solution, a solution for everyone.

For all platforms

Get solutions compatible with all the platforms you need.

Solutions in record time, unlimited opportunities

From gaming to medical, production, and more, Nolim Studios is the solution to create world-class immersive and interactive experiences in record time to bring products and ideas to life.

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